Get To Know JC


Back during Dubya’s presidency, there was a lot of people saying “God is in the White House.”  While I’m not here to debate that (I mostly do that on twitter) I did some comics around the idea of Jesus coming back to check in on the prez, Tex.

I quickly hit on this idea that Jesus is a lot like Charlie Brown; both never get the credit if something goes right and they’re both the first one blamed when things go wrong.

So, I had to have JC (who BTW is Schrewish like Schmoikel) go back to Earth to try to set a few things straight.  I ended up really enjoying the character and I keep bringing him back every now and again.

Other places we’ve seen JC sine his first appearance: as Schmoikel’s Rabbi, as a mall Santa who had to save Christmas, and generally when anyone cries out “Oh my God!” or “Oh Jeezus!” or some other similar thing.

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