Commentary Track – Janis Plays Dungeons and Dragons


Recently, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with my stepson and nephew.  This brought back a lot of fond memories for me….

Freaks N Squeaks Commentary Track - Janis Plays Dungeon and Dragons

Today, I want to share with you a favorite tiny story from really early FNS, where Janis plays Dungeon and Dragons.  At this point, Janis had left the little boy’s room to go to the little girl’s room to start college early.  It was time to start developing some sort of supporting cast for her, so I gave her a new friend who played Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, this being FNS, I had some political jokes too.  A lot of this is based on some stuff my nerd friends and I played, but mostly just the names of the DM and one other player.  The rule set Janis would be playing is likely 2nd edition.  

Back in high school, I had a friend who created a character with a Intelligence score of 3.  It got me thinking about what if someone rolled all ones when making a character.  Sure, these days the 5th edition rules essentially make that sort of thing impossible, which goes to show that the game is now way too easy (and more fun).  I mean, c’mon, whatever happened to THAC0? Kids today need to get off my lawn and argue over whether it’s THAY-CO or THACK-CO.

I’m not saying there definitely were band trips where we played all night, but that much Jolt Cola likely caused amnesia.  We played late, especially on band trips.  We cemented our nerddom.

I also introduced Zorch in this storyline.  Originally, he’s all about Janis, but later on he would date Ginny.

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