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After 2008, Al’s primary foil, Prez Tex, was out of office.  Frankly, there wasn’t enough meat to the early Obama years to really pit him against Al.  Al needed a nemesis.

Al was a boy genius character.  I always thought of Al as “What if all the things Calvin imagined were really happening?”  It seemed obvious that if Al was a boy genius, a nemesis could be an evil genius.  Thus, I brought in Emil.

Funny Comic About an Evil Mouse.

Emil was 1 part Invader Zim (maybe 2 parts), one part Bond villain, with a dash of Adil from the Simpsons.  Al is the only one capable of realizing the new exchange student is evil…

A monocle is inherently evil

The perils of small talk.

There is almost a Victor Von Doom vibe to Emil as well.  Imagine a world where Reed and Doom were in elementary school together and that’s very much gist of Emil stories.

Emil has a couple of goals: destroy Al, destroy our country for the glory of his country, and overall evil mischief.  This has lead to several adventures.

A funny Freaks N Squeeks comic by the Marvelous Patric about the advantage.

A funny Freaks N Squeeks comic by the Marvelous Patric about the facts of life.

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