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Freaks N Squeaks has always had a political vibe to it.  It began in the second story when Al was introduced.

Freaks N Squeaks 8

Men in suits with sunglasses; if that doesn’t say Government Agents, what does?  Of course, from there, Al went on to meet Tex, the Prez.

Freaks n Squeaks 11

Tex was a very thinly veiled George W. Bush stand-in.  The year was 2002, and we were nearly 1 year removed from 9-11.  Everyone was very “Rah Rah! America! Do your duty!”  But, then things got a little weird, as history showed.  The Daily Show became a very big deal, and politics was all the rage.

I think it’s very easy to see writing-wise that FNS’s very first influences were Doonesbury and Bloom County.  I always liked comics with large casts and soap operatic elements that also commented on pop culture and politics.  I liked how Doonesbury would use icons for real people, while Bloom County would dabble in the absurd.  I tried to split the difference, with mice having similar name to real people.

I would always draw Tex both squinting and with a cowboy hat.  While he primarily was “the villain” at some point I started to humanize him.  Even if I didn’t agree with Dubya, I never really believed he was evil.  But, I think the easiest route to go with Tex was writing him like an earnest, but stupid, child.  Freaks N Squeaks #223

It was said by some that my portrayal of the 2004 election was both vicious and fair.  I appreciated that.

For some reason, Tex served primarily as the foil for Al.  Even in his retirement…

A funny Freaks N Squeeks comic by the Marvelous Patric about a new neighbor.

I always though that George W. Bush would make an awesome next door neighbor.  (I even do a bit about it in my standup.)  When it turned out that in his retirement he was also painting… well, as an artist, how could I not riff on that?

A funny Freaks N Squeeks comic by the Marvelous Patric about George W. Bush painting.

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